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31st-Dec-2009 10:18 pm(no subject)

But mainly because of some of the personal junk I might write about. You might not want to succomb yourself to reading.So...Comment if you wish to be added.^^

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29th-Apr-2009 06:46 pm - Major Writer's Block

I'm suffering from a major writer's block right now. This totally sucks as I have a history assignment due tomorrow... Oh, a whole butt load of writing is involved.

Come on now.

I need to break down this damn writer's block ASAP.
Wake up. Look at the clock and see 5:45. Press the snooze button at least 7 times. Wake up for real. Walk out of my room like a zombie, possibly accidently stepping on my dog. Make a quickie microwavable breakfast and have a quickie 2 minute breakfast. Brush my teeth, yada, yada. Take FOREVER deciding what to wear, causing a pile of clothes to be mounted on my bead. Put on my makeup. Try not to make myself look like I got punch in the eye. Check the time and yell "shit!". Grab my things and run out the door. Run back in to pick up a forgotten item. Then out I go. 

That's my morning routine for you. Yep, looking forward to doing that again tomorrow morning! 
8th-Sep-2008 06:41 pm - Más iconos nuevos.;)
Here are some more icons I promised to post. Again, if you would like to use these, let me know & please credit.=) Enjoy!


6th-Sep-2008 10:36 am - Yay.. Icons.
Hey guys.
Here are a few icons that I've been wanting to post. I'm on a roll with icon makign at the moment, so I might psot more later. But enjoy.;) Now, if you feel that you would like to use these icons, just let me know and please credit me.=) Thanks. 

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